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Meet Christopher Jones, Front Hall Host At Bike & Boot Scarborough

At Bike & Boot, we're experts in making a great first impression with a proper Yorkshire welcome.

In this Q&A, we're speaking to Christopher Jones, our Front Hall Host. We discover his favourite parts of the job, secrets of the trade and of course, what dog breed he would be!

Tell us about yourself and the role, what do you enjoy the most?

I started back in July 2021, and have been with Bike and Boot for over a year now. I work as a Front Hall Host, aiming to give our guests a warm welcome and fond farewell, whilst looking after them every moment in between.

As for what I enjoy most, it's hard to decide between seeing the smiles on happy guest's faces, or seeing all the lovely dogs! As an animal fan, I can't deny seeing so many dogs is a joy.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day can vary from one to the next, but mainly involves looking after our guests. You'll find me seeing off our departures, looking after residents or welcoming new arrivals. Like any job, there is some paperwork involved, but ultimately our guests are the focus of all we do here, night or day, rain or shine, we are here for them.

What's the secret to giving a good first impression?

The warm welcome and smile, every time. You never know who is about to walk through the door, nor what kind of day they have had. It could be a young couple eager to explore, or a large family where mum and dad are eager for bed. Everyone has different needs and we always aim to deliver, but that warm welcome and smile are always a great start.

You were Santa Paws last year and you'll be him again this year. What's your favourite thing about being Santa Paws?

Dogs. Need I say more?
It is a fun experience. I get to do a bit of dress up and play with the dogs. Some are nervous, some are excited, and some are too old for this stuff. All are welcome and get a fussing over. The guests love seeing their fur babies being played with, we have a chat and enjoy a laugh so a good time is had by all.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

Various interests enrich my time outside of work, but if I had to pick a first love, it would be my books. History, philosophy, sci-fi, fantasy, poetry. All the better when it is a beautifully made hardback. Nothing like a wet and windy day out, then home, wrap up warm in PJs and curl up with a good book.

If you could be any dog, what breed would you be and why?

Labrador, big with a glossy coat, intelligent but dorky, and most of all friendly and loyal to a fault. With those big brown eyes which let them get away with every stolen bit of food they can swipe.

What are you most excited for on the new Bareca Christmas menu?

I don't think I could choose just one item! We have classics like pigs in blankets, our roasties are excellent, and the Christmas specials have the Bareca's unique twist on Christmas food. I think It would be easier to say what I'd skip – I know it is naughty of me, but I am sure someone else will enjoy the sprouts.

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